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Music & Cello

Twelve years in the Chicago music scene.

I started playing cello when I was eight years old. I chose the cello for reasons that are uniquely the reasons of an 8 year old: I didn't like the squeaky sound of a violin, I didn't want to hold my arms up to play, and I didn't want to have to stand to play an instrument. Despite this dubious start, I've been playing for several decades. I fell in love with the local music scene in the early 2000s, which lead to my decision to study music in college.

I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2012 with a Bachelor of Music in Composition and a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Design and Production. I focus mostly on working with bands in the city rather than playing with orchestras and am experienced playing on rock stages, improvising, and recording.

I've played with bands such as Kill Hannah, Pigface, FoxingState and Madison, Kill the Alarm, Matt Griffo, Xoe Wise, etc., and have played on stages like the Metro, House of Blues, Schuba's, Lincoln Hall, Chicago Theatre, Symphony Center, etc., and has recorded at Gravity Studios, Chicago Recording Company, Handwritten Recording, Wall to Wall, and more. I love being able to work with musicians to bring their string dreams to life.

I don't play out very much at this point in my life, but am occasionally available for projects on a case-by-case basis.

One day, I'll work on an album that's all about the sound of buildings decaying. One day.

If you want to hear me playing or find some of my music, you can check out my (not recently updated) Soundcloud page or listen to me on Chicago Street Strings.

Chicago Street Strings

Cofounder and Cellist

In 2012, I founded Chicago Street Strings with my longtime friend and violinist Hannah Watson. The group was formed after a summer of street performing on Michigan Avenue. Today the group is run by Hannah, and she along with a host of other musicians are available for hire to weddings, corporate functions, recording sessions, and more.

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